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We have opened our doors for young minds to step into the world of Lifelong Learning! We are now accepting applications for the academic year of 2024-25. You can call us at +91-120-518 9100 or write to us at, and our Parent Partnership Team will connect with you, shortly!.

School tours are organised regularly for parents and young learners to meet our vibrant faculty members and know more about our curriculum, pedagogy and thoughtfully designed learning spaces.

Contact Us: +91-120-518 9100 | Monday to Friday: 9am - 4pm | Saturday & Sunday: Only scheduled tours

Admission Procedure

Admission Enquiry Form can be submitted online or Offline. Every parent will be assigned a Parent Partner, within 24 hours of submitting the application.

The Parent Partner will help the parent to get to know us better. The Parent Partner will introduce to the parent, the concept and the thought behind the school, give an in-person or a virtual tour and will address all queries of the parent throughout the Admission Process.

After the interaction with the Parent Partner, the parent is required to submit the Registration Fee to move forward in the Admission Process. Here, the parent will also be required to fill the Admission Application Form. To fill the admission application form click here.

There will be an interaction between the Parent and the Leadership Team.

Post interaction with the Leadership Team, parents will be notified regarding admission through email and telephone.

Admission of the child will be confirmed after submission of the fees (Admission Fee + Security Deposit + First Quarter’s fee)

Application For Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

Toddlers to Grade VIII

Age criteria for Toddlers to Grade VIII as on 31st July:

Toddlers   1.6 years
Montessori   2 years plus 
Nursery   3 years plus 
LKG   4 years plus 
UKG   5 years plus 
Grade I   6 years plus 
Grade II   7 years plus 
Grade III   8 years plus 
Grade IV   9 years plus 
Grade V   10 years plus 
Grade VI   11 years plus 
Grade VII   12 years plus
Grade VIII   13 years plus 

The school is the brainchild of a passionate team of educators with over 35 years of experience in conceptualising, establishing, and managing some of the finest educational institutions in the country. We have an eminent panel of thought leaders and stalwarts from different walks of life on our Governing Board to help us deliver an education that is truly relevant for the current times and needs. The Executive Board of the school comprises the Director and the Chief Operating Officer who spearhead the organisation and ensure our children get an exceptional educational experience at Learners. The school is led by the Head of School (HoS) and Head of Administration (HoA). In the school’s organogram we made sure that the Academic Head i.e. the HoS is not burdened with any administrative activities such as transport management, uniform dispersal, fee collection as these are not the core, but auxiliary activities to the education of our children. However, administrative functions are a vital support for providing a smooth educational experience to our children. Hence, all day to day school functions are bucketed into two heads: Academic function and Administrative function, which are led by the HoS and HoA respectively.

At Learners we believe that learning and having fun are two of the most innate human tendencies. That is seen in every element of the school, be it the curriculum or the infrastructure. We believe each infrastructural element should aid and enhance the joyful learning process of our children. To ensure this, we conceptualised and created a unique experience for our children through the Learners Fun ‘n’ Learn Bus. These are air-conditioned buses with a comfortable spacious sitting and tables to have food or engage in fun activities and games. These buses also come with an attached washroom and pantry facility to make the route convenient for our children. Buses ply on all major routes in Noida and South Delhi. More information and detailed route plan is available at the school office. To ensure utmost safety of our children, the school buses are driven by highly trained drivers, escorted by qualified support staff. A faculty member is also present in the school bus throughout the bus journey of the children.

The school offers more than 15 sports facilities including Swimming, Golf, Soccer, Cricket, Athletics and an indoor sports arena that houses several sports including Basketball, Table Tennis, Sepak Takraw, Volleyball, Gymnastics and Badminton. The Indoor Sports Arena, a 12,000 square feet facility adequately meets the norms and regulations prescribed for conducting National and International Tournaments.

Our Education Model - LEEP - elucidates that there is no activity at school that is extra. In today’s time, activities that were conventionally classified as extracurricular activities in fact go on to become some of the most sought after career choices for today’s generation, apart from honing and enhancing some key life skills and bringing unbound joy. Effective communication, financial literacy, cinematography, dance, theatre, visual arts, crafting, carpentry, robotics and aeromodelling, to name a few, are a core part of our school and its quotidian functioning.

For more information click on the following button click here

The school has a well-equipped and hygienic infirmary with qualified nursing staff. Doctors are available on call. We also have tie up with nearby hospitals such as the Sharda Hospital so that any escalated support required is available in a matter of minutes.

We have a certified nutritionist on our team and also consult with external nutritionists on a regular basis to provide wholesome meals for breakfast and lunch in the school dining hall. The menu is meticulously planned to ensure that all nutritional growth needs of our children are positively met.

A lot of forethought is given to the recruitment of our facilitators, as they form the basis of any great education institution. Besides the requisite academic and professional qualifications, we also look for their passion for the work, their adaptability and their proclivity towards the values of a community. Beyond this, Learners is host to a plethora of the choicest enrichment activities and events across the year, which ensure constant professional development of the highest quality.

We have a specially curated Extended Day Programme to address the specific needs of the parents who require support in terms of day-care facilities for their wards. The programme not only offers a regular day-care facility by providing a safe, secure, and caring environment supported by quality caregivers, but also a structured learning programme to provide an extended learning experience for our young learners.

The programme ensures that the valuable after school hours of our young learners are utilised in the most productive manner. For more details refer to the Learners Extended Day Programme brochure in the link below:

’Learners Extended Day Brochure’

We have a specialised Holistic wellbeing programme as a part of the curriculum, followed on a daily basis. The programme comprises daily yoga and meditation integrated with the prestigious SEEL curriculum (Social, Emotional, Ethical Learning) prescribed by his holiness the Dalai Lama and Emory University. Through our Holistic Wellbeing Programme, young learners engage in extensively researched daily practices to cultivate courage, conviction, bravery, self-love, resilience, compassion, and a greater sense of belonging to be able to thrive in life with utmost joy.

All our faculty members are trained and certified to follow and deliver the SEEL prescribed practices.

We also have a team of certified counsellors to take care of the social, mental and emotional well-being and build the mental immunity of our children from a very early age.

The entire school campus is Wi-fi enabled. All faculty members have laptops and every classroom is equipped with a large 65-inch interactive digital computer mounted along with the white board to aid and enhance the learning experience of our young learners.

For Grades Montessori, Nursery, K.G: Maximum 25
For Grade 1 and beyond: Maximum 30

The school offers only International Curricular.

All the classrooms are air conditioned to ensure adequate comfort for children during summer season as well as the winter season. Every classroom has a separate temperature control system to provide flexibility in maintaining the temperature depending on the requirement of each class and age group. Further, all classrooms are well-lit and have a minimum floor area of approximately 700-800 sq feet to ensure a comfortable and spacious learning environment for our young learners.

Toddlers: 9:00 am – 10:30 am (Dispersal: 10:30 am)
Montessori: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (Dispersal: 12:15 pm)
Nursery - K.G: 8:00am -12:30pm (Dispersal: 12:45 pm)
Class I onwards: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm (Dispersal: 3:00 pm)

Video Prospectus
Video Prospectus