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Learners Education Evolution Programme(LEEP)

An education model to enable our children to
embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

Evolving Education

The Origin

Education needs to evolve, now more than ever.

For many decades if not centuries, the education system has been tied up in its own systemic shackles. The system has only been reactive to the changing times & needs, rather than being proactive. Even with its reactive approach, the response time is delayed no less than decades.

However, with the rate of change and evolution mounting to the levels never witnessed before by humanity, we believe we need an education system that evolves itself proactively in the most effective, efficient and seamless manner.

This new age of automation - which can come with a palpable lack of humaneness - makes it important to know what to do with information. We need a system that is relevant for current times, and can evolve itself to remain relevant for the future. We need an education that truly matters.

This calls for an evolved education programme that helps children be Lifelong Learners, and brings them closer to their innate humane traits of compassion, integrity and empathy.
Therefore, we have conceptualized and designed LEEP to deliver an education that truly matters for the world of today and tomorrow.

LEEP is an education model that entails a cohesive curriculum where essential life-skills are treated at par with the standard subjects, with a nuanced curriculum and skilled faculty to deliver it. These essential life-skills, along with the subjects of literacy, numeracy and sciences, are taught using best pedagogical practices followed around the world.


Scholastic Programme

The scholastic programme is centered around the scholastic subjects offered by the International Boards. In addition to that, a comprehensive Reading Programme is also a part of the Scholastic Programme.


Fitness & Sports Programme

Now more than ever, with increased screen-time, physical wellbeing of children has taken a back seat. To ensure that our children develop a lifelong love for fitness and sports, we intend to make fitness a lifestyle for our young learners by treating it at par with standard scholastic subjects. The curriculum has been carefully crafted and delivered in a joyful and stress-free manner by highly trained coaches. This is aided by a world class infrastructure including an indoor sports arena, half-olympic sized swimming pool, cricket pitches, interactive splash pad, jungle gym and soccer field.


Visual Arts & Performing Arts Programme

Sir Ken Robinson bemoans the fact that our education system is geared for turning out university professors. That is because our system doesn't give adequate time to domains that foster creativity. Visual Arts and Performing Arts have proven to be one of the most vital domains for children to develop creativity, verbal and physical skills, logical and intuitive thinking, interpersonal skills and spatial, rhythmic, visual and kinesthetic awareness. In lieu of this, at Learners we offer a meticulously designed VA & PA curriculum


Holistic Wellbeing Programme

Our carefully conceptualised Holistic Wellbeing Programme ensures that young minds build not only their physical but also their mental immunity to thrive in life with utmost joy. Resilience-building practices, meditation and yoga are blended with the prestigious SEEL curriculum prescribed by his holiness the Dalai Lama. The programme is vital for children, especially keeping in mind the contemporary and future world, and is central to the LEEP model. It focuses on nurturing compassionate, kind and ethical young learners.


Social Skills Programme

Some of the most crucial life skills are the most abstract and intangible ones. Knowing how to work in a team, for example, or have a difficult conversation. Or, for that matter, being able to save money. Through our Social Skills Programme we nurture the indispensable skills and values of Collaboration, Team building, Leadership, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Courage and Conviction, through an activity based approach.


Makers Programme

The ability and desire to create and make is innate and universal. However, the process of growing up can often result in adults who believe they don't have a creative bone in their body, nor the ability to make or deal with complex artifacts and knowledge systems. Our Makers Programme is intended to counter this tendency and embed the makers' belief deep within learners. It includes Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Carpentry, Aeromodelling, Astronomy and Robotics, making these alluring fields more accessible than ever before.


Community Programme

It's often said that, as educators we should aim towards building socially responsible, environmentally conscious global citizens. However, to make this a reality, we need to realise that the above qualities are found in people who feel that the world is one big family, one single community. Our Community Programme aims to help children develop an understanding and ownership towards the world community as a whole by engaging them in practical community building activities to address both local as well as global issues.

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