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Because pictures do speak louder than words.
Here are some voices from the community that made themselves heard!

Evolving Education

Montessori Education | Learners International School | Cambridge International Board | IGCSE School

Montessori education enables children to develop the fundamental capacities that they need to become happy and fulfilled adults who contribute to society. It enhances motor coordination, concentration, and independence. It is the key to stay relevant and valuable. It enhances our understanding of the world around us, provides us with more and better opportunities, and improves our quality of life.

Development of Process Skills | Lifelong Learning | Learners International School | Cambridge Board

Life is an educational process. Education is lifelong learning and we at learners international are lighting this path for your children to become lifelong learners

Music in Education|Learners International School|Place for lifelong learner|Cambridge Board|Gr Noida

Rhythm is the basis of our life and we at Learners International have curated innovative rhythmic spaces to give the young ones a unique experience of music. To know more click the link in the bio.

Dance in Education|Performing Arts|Learners International School|A place for Lifelong Learners|IGCSE

Dancing is fundamental in life. Since people have walked, people have danced. Human beings are born to dance - we have dancing in our genes. Dancing improves quality of our lives, and the health of societies. Ancient civilisations knew about the amazing powers of dance and dancing, and increasingly the modern world is re-discovering how important dance is for living happily and healthily and long, and how dancing can transform people in so many ways. At learners international, we weave together different performing arts for our young ones to experience them.

Integration of global and local perspectives | Learners International School | Lifelong Learners

What if your children could take a guided stroll across a local maize field, accompanied by a local farmer, along with learning about the different corn varieties that exist around the world. Along the continuum of the local and the global, we at Learners International School, strive to symphonise a harmonious unity between the two. Developing meaningful connections between these two, inspires our learners to construct their knowledge in the most natural and human way.

Video Prospectus
Video Prospectus
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