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Episode 07: Floating Orange

Material Required:

For this experiment, we need 3 things.

  1. An unpeeled orange
  2. A peeled orange
  3. A jug filled with water (wide enough for the orange)

So let’s get started!

Conducting the Experiment:

  1. Begin with the two oranges - one with a peel and one without. Which one do you think will float?
  2. Still let’s test it out!

Scientific Principle and Application

Question: Text slide - How can the orange with the peel float even though its heavier than the other one?

The peel of the orange is like a swimming tube for the orange without which it sinks. The peel of the orange has tiny little air pockets that trap air inside just like our swimming tube. Also, notice something interesting, when I try to push the orange downwards, it pops up! Isn’t this super cool!?

But what is pushing the orange up? Well, the only thing in the glass apart from the orange is …? Yes, you guessed it right. Water! The water is pushing the orange up. How can the air inside the peel make the orange float?

Text slide : The air inside the peel is less dense than the water outside and therefore it floats on it. And with the help of the peel, the orange inside floats. So friends the next time you look at an orange, remember that it has its own life jacket. Toodles!

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