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Episode 09: Rainbow in a Jar

Material Required:

(Liquid Layering: Density: Less dense float on top of those that are more dense)

For this experiment, we need the following items -

  1. A tall glass
  2. Honey
  3. Handwash
  4. Water
  5. Oil
  6. Hand sanitiser

Let’s go!

Conducting the Experiment:

  1. We begin this experiment by weighing all these colorful liquids.
  2. First up, hand sanitiser . The hand sanitiser weighs 207.34gm .
    Next oil, Oil weighs 211.29gm that is slightly more than sanitiser.
    Water, the water weighs 214.23gm , that’s even more than oil.
    Hand wash, the hand wash weighs 216.63gm , a bit more than water.
    Honey, honey is so heavy it weighs 23.67gm.
    So, you see sanitiser is the lightest liquid and honey is the heaviest liquid.
  3. Hold on, let's pour the exact same quantity of all these into the jar.
    First layer of honey, we pour it gently.
    Second layer of hand wash.
    The third layer will be of water. You will use a funnel to pour the water.
    And now the fourth layer with oil, and finally the fifth layer with hand sanitiser.
    And there you have it ! A colourful pattern with these liquids. Now, You go ahead and make your own rainbow.

Scientific Principle and Application

Question: Did you notice something cool happening here? Did you ? THE LIQUIDS DIDN’T MIX INTO EACH OTHER? But why?

Why did the liquids stand separately from one another? The liquids stand separately from one another because they have different densities. As you can see, heavier liquids like honey and hand wash that are more dense than water settle at the bottom.

Whereas, Lighter liquids like oil and hand sanitizer that are less dense than water, float on top. This shows us that liquids with low density float on top of liquids with higher density. I hope that this word ‘dense’ is not making you ‘tense.’ Because friends, density it will make sense. All you have to do is to look around yourselves, anything you can see is made up of atoms and molecules.

Well, Density tells us how tightly packed the atoms and molecules of a thing are in a given volume. Let’s Look at our liquids. Even though they occupied the same amount of space or volume , some stayed at the bottom while others floated on top.

Why did this happen?

This happened because each liquid has its own unique mass. And mass is nothing but the atoms and molecules inside that liquid. The more tightly packed the molecules are, the greater the mass of that object. And More mass = more density. You know it's just like our malls before the lockdown. They were so crowded people were tightly packed inside the malls just like the atoms in molecules of honey. And Now, the same malls have less people, so they are less dense just like our hand sanitiser .

Now you see how simple density is. As the mass increases in a given volume, the density increases. And when the mass decreases in the same volume, the density decreases. And remember friends liquids with low density always float on top of liquids with higher density. Just like our lemonade.

This same difference in densities can be seen in Yummy yummy Milkshake. The milk is most dense so it settles at the bottom , in the middle is the chocolate syrup and at the top is the froth because it's the least dense. Isn’t this cool!

So friends now that the dense trouble is sorted, I am getting back to making my lemonade .In the meantime, you go grab your things & get funneling. Toodles.

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