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Stop Motion of Einstein

Evolving Education

Episode 13: Zip Lining Water

Material Required:

For this experiment we need 5 things.

  1. An Empty Beakers
  2. A beaker filled with water
  3. Half meter cotton thread
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors

Conducting the Experiment:

  1. Place the two beakers roughly 15 inches apart. Keep the beaker filled with water closer to you.
  2. With the help of a tape, stick the ends of the cotton thread on the rim of both the glasses.
  3. Now bring the beaker filled with coloured water up to your shoulder height . And slowly begin pouring out the water

Einstein is making the water travel from one glass to the other with one hand. Using the other hand to show the zip lining water.

Scientific Principle and Application

Question: How did the water travel from one beaker to the other, that too without dropping down?

Simple! With the help of this thread.

But, what made the water stick to the thread?

Does it have some super power?

Well guess what? The water sticks to the thread and rolls down because it has not just one, but 2 superpowers:

Number one, Water sticks to itself.

Number two, Water sticks on to other things.

Now, what do I mean by water sticks to itself?

molecules are such close buddies that they always hang around and stick together. So you see water molecules are just like the players of chain-tag. You remember chain-tag, right ? It’s that game where you run behind people to form longer chains? Well, just like the players of chain tag, water molecules stick together to form longer chains. And this ability of water to stick together is called cohesion.

Oohhh... I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, cool. Water sticks to itself but how does that help water to stick on to other things, like this thread?” Well that’s water’s second super power water not only sticks to itself but also on to other things. Notice how the water moves from one end of the thread to the other just like a person zip lining on a rope. Isn’t this super cool?

This ability of water to stick on to other things is called adhesion. From summer to monsoon, water sticks to me and to you. Remember those sweaty summer afternoons where your sweaty shirt got stuck on your back? Or those beautiful rainy mornings where the same stickiness of water made the water particles stick on the surface of the leaves. Well, all this happens because of water and its superpower of adhesion. So now you see, it is this stickiness of water within itself and with other things that stops it from dropping down in our experiment.

Now that you know how water can zipline, its time for you to do this experiment in your own time. So, Go grab your things and let’s get funnling!


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