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Stop Motion of Einstein

Evolving Education

Episode 04: Balloon Lifter

Act 2 | Material Required | Einstein in his lab:

For this experiment, we need 5 things.

  1. Borosil Glass
  2. Match box
  3. Bowl filled with water
  4. A Balloon
  5. Small piece of paper

Let’s go !

Conducting the Experiment:

  1. We Begin with the strong borosil glass.
  2. Now grab a matchbox , lit a matchstick and burn the paper.
  3. Quickly drop the burning paper into the glass.
  4. Grab the balloon, dip it into water and place it on top of the glass.
    Ahh! Lets see what happens. Hmm, Woahh.. La La La.. ( Einstein gets excited and picks up the balloon and gets even more surprised at the glass being lifted by the balloon.) How is this happening ? Let's find out!

Scientific Principle and Application

Question: How did the balloon lift the glass ?

Was it the ‘burnt paper’ or the ‘wet balloon’ or could it be both ?

The burnt paper made the air inside the glass hot. As the air becomes hot, it begins to expand and air molecules spread out

Some even manage to get out of the glass.

So now we have lesser air molecules inside the glass. Suppose there were 10 million molecules inside the glass after heating it we have only 7 million molecules.

When we place a wet balloon on top of this hot glass, we lower its temperature.

As the air inside cools down, the air molecules that were scattered now contract and settle down

So the 7 million molecules that filled this glass now contract and create an empty space called VACUUM.

A vacuum is a space that’s created when there is low amount of matter.

Due to low amount of matter, vacuum has low air pressure. And yes, you guessed it right, the balloon gets pulled into this empty space called vacuum. So, friends vacuum is nothing but an empty space that pulls things inside. And, gases always move from high pressure zone to a low pressure zone. Isn’t this cool?

What’s even cooler is that vacuum cleaners use the same principle to pull things inside. Huh, no wonder they are called vacuum cleaners. With the help of a motor, a low-pressure zone is created inside the cleaner. This difference in air pressure causes the air to move along with the dust particles inside the cleaner.

So friends, next time you see someone with this machine, you know vacuum is pulling things in. Toodles!

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