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The Name

Funnl - Fun ‘n’ Learn. Why is learning a burden when it can be fun? Learning is the most innate human tendency. It’s something that makes us human, then why does it become a burden for our children? Because the conventional pedagogy alienates two critical things from the process of learning, i.e. the fun and relevance. With Funnl, we aim to bridge this gap and make learning fun & relevant again.

Why Funnl?

Surveys say just 54% of middle schoolers and 46% of high schoolers think their school studies are relevant in real life. Well, even they are wrong, because: refer to the next point.

65% of kids entering primary school today will end up working in types of jobs that don’t even exist today. So, the question is, what to teach those children? The mere flow of information is not at all relevant.

K-12 kids constitute only 23% of the current world population but 100% of the world’s future. Mere consumption of information isn’t going to make them equipped to deal with rapidly advancing science around them. There’s a need to equip them not merely with information but the critical qualities of a thinker, a scientist, and an inventor. Qualities such as curiosity, skills of observation, experimentation & invention.


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